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Hope everyone is having a Motivational M

Hello, my name is Kristine the Founder of South Jersey SoapWorks

located in Mays Landing NJ. My soapy inspirations started from my great grandmother, she practiced a holistic lifestyle in Poland.


South Jersey SoapWorks creates unique soaps, inspirational cruelty free skin and haircare. We retail, and also customize corporate events, baby or wedding showers and even wholesale all  throughout the USA! 

Most of my creations come from nature, travel, people, art, and my adopted holistic lifestyle going back to my Polish roots.

South Jersey SoapWorks uses herbs, flowers, essential oils, and/or responsible fragrances. Check us out on Instagram @southjerseysoapworks for the latest herbal infusions, soaps, bath & beauty products!

Each soap bar might be slightly different from the next due to being handmade and not commercial. With this in mind each soap bar might look a little different than from the photo, but that is what makes each bar unique!

Thanks for getting to know me!


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